Private Catering

Below is a selection of dishes that we can provide for office parties, corporate events, house parties, dinner parties, picnics etc.  We offer hot meals & platters

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Our curries are served with sambles, chutney and a choice of rice, mash or fries.


South Eastern Indian Prawn

Chicken & Prawn


Traditional Chicken

Thai Chicken

Apricot Chicken

Butter Chicken

Chicken & Butternut


Traditional Beef

Thai Beef



Lamb & Spinach

Lamb Shank


Bean & Potato

Mixed Vegetable


Casseroles & Soups

The casseroles are served with rice, mash or chips

Beef & Bacon

Beef, date and honey almond tagine

Chicken & Capsicum

Spanish Chicken

Chilli Beef

Beef & Pear Tagine

Chicken & Mixed Olive

Lamb Liver, onion & Bacon

Thai Peanut Chicken

Beef with cheese potato dumpling

Rosemary Lamb

Navrin of Lamb

Lambshank Bean Pot

Irish Oxtail

Steak & Kidney

Tripe & Onion


Soups, Bisque's & Chowder

Served with our homemade bread

Clam Chowder

Butternut Soup


Oxtail Soup

Potato & Leek

Thai Chicken & Coriander

Pasta & Mains

Lasagne & Pasta

Chilli Butternut & Blue Cheese

Mince & Brinjal

Bacon & Sundried Tomato

Chicken & Spinach


3 Cheese & Spinach

Smoked Chicken & Basil Pesto



Chilli Shrimp & Calamari

Creamy Prawn


Basic Main Meals

Portuguese Chicken & Mixed Peppers

Tikka Chicken Strips

Flame Grilled Baby Chicken ( Lemon / Peri Peri)

Lemon salted Lamb Chops

Sweet Thai Chilli Chicken Thighs

Pepper Steak Medallions

BBQ Pork Ribs

Honey & Mustard Pork Chops

Vegetable Parmigiana (aubergine, feta, marrows & mozzarella)


Salads & Sides


Traditional Greek


Crispy Calamari & Sundried Tomato

Sesame Butternut & Halloumi

Baby Spinach, Orange & Macadamia

Feta & Lentil with Lemon Lime Dressing

Crunchy Thai Chicken

Bacon & Cheese

Portuguese Chicken & Avo

Fishcake & Sweet Chilli Mayo

Tikka Chicken & Feta


Side Dishes

Creamed Spinach

Sesame Roasted Butternut

Potato Wedges

Basmati Rice

Creamy Mash Potato

Coriander Mash

Sauteed Garlic Mushroom

Crumbed Mushrooms

Garlic Ciabatta

Parsley Butter Baby Potatoes

Chargrilled Baby Marrow

Mushroom & Brinjal Bake

Savoury Rice

Spicy Green Beans & Red Onion

If there are items that are not on our catering menu, please feel free to enquire if we are able to do the dish you require. If we have the ingredients and are able to make it, we are happy to be oblige.

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